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A crew of researchers from LSU Well being New Orleans Neuroscience Heart of Excellence and the College of Copenhagen offers the primary proof that sufferers with ocular hypertension might exhibit superior antioxidant safety that promotes resistance to the elevated intraocular stress related to glaucoma. Their findings are printed on-line within the Journal of Medical Drugs.

Basically, glaucoma sufferers are susceptible to elevated intraocular stress. Nevertheless, a specific group of sufferers has no glaucomatous neurodegeneration regardless of excessive intraocular stress — sufferers with ocular hypertension.

The paper stories the invention of a brand new mechanism to clarify why sufferers with ocular hypertension would not have glaucoma. That is the primary examine evaluating oxidative stress and antioxidative brokers in sufferers with normal-tension glaucoma and ocular hypertension throughout oxygen stress.

In response to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, ocular hypertension is when the stress inside the attention (intraocular stress or IOP) is increased than regular.

The authors discovered that sufferers with ocular hypertension have elevated antioxidant capability and better ranges of anti-inflammatory, omega-3 derived chemical messengers concerned in sustaining cell perform of their plasma in comparison with sufferers with normal-tension glaucoma and age-matched controls. The abundance of those omega-3 fatty acid chemical messengers offers antioxidant protection, and as a consequence, potential resistance to elevated intraocular stress and glaucomatous neurodegeneration by eliminating will increase in systemic oxidative stress.

“The examine opens avenues of therapeutic exploration highlighting the importance of the omega-3 fatty acid chemical messengers’ antioxidant capability as a possible diagnostic biomarker and as a novel therapy to stop glaucomatous neurodegeneration,” notes Dr. Nicolas G. Bazan, Boyd Professor, Ernest C. and Ivette C. Villere Chair of Retinal Degeneration, and Director of the Neuroscience Heart of Excellence at LSU Well being New Orleans Faculty of Drugs.

Glaucoma is the commonest reason for irreversible blindness. The sight-threatening illness is outlined by a progressive lack of the innermost retinal neurons with corresponding visible area losses. Regardless of present remedies to decrease the intraocular stress, 15% of glaucoma sufferers go blind, and as many as 42% will lose sight in a single eye.

The examine is a results of a collaboration between Dr. Bazan and Professor in Translational Eye Analysis, Chief Doctor, and Glaucoma Specialist on the Copenhagen College Hospital, Dr. Miriam Kolko. Their collaboration started a few years in the past when, as a medical pupil from Denmark, Dr. Kolko labored with Bazan at LSU Well being New Orleans.

“I started creating my pursuits in neuroprotection and ophthalmology working underneath Nicolas Bazan, who mentored, motivated and guided me, as a medical college pupil from Denmark supported by a Fulbright Scholarship (1994-1996), and from 2000-2003,” says Dr. Kolko.” I used to be fortunate to work with and be impressed by Dr. Nicolas Bazan. Later, he additionally grew to become my PhD thesis director.”

“Professor Kolko is a superb and progressive clinician-scientist who bridges a medical profession treating sufferers with glaucoma medically and surgically with fundamental and translational analysis to grasp the pathophysiology behind it,” concludes Bazan. “We’re so proud that this worldwide celebrity’s roots are right here at LSU Well being New Orleans.”

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