Actor Matthew McConaughey honours Australians in Wild Turkey With Thanks platform


Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey has lent his voice to honouring among the native legends who labored to maintain the remainder of us wholesome and secure throughout final 12 months’s bushfires.

McConaughey lately reached out to a few households who impressed him.

“Australians have a very quick reaction to tough situations and crises that (says), ‘All right, mate, what are we gonna do? Let’s take action,’” McConaughey mentioned through a video name from his California residence.

“There are certain people where it’s in their DNA – like Australians and like Texans, where I’m from – to go, ‘I’m not going to play the victim here, I’m not going to be victimised’.

“Yes, this is tragic, but I’m going to pull my boots up, I’m going to pull my bootstraps up and think, ‘OK, what am I going to do about this?’”

In his function as inventive director for bourbon maker Wild Turkey, the Oscar winner visited Australia a 12 months in the past. On the time launching the Wild Turkey With Thanks platform, an initiative designed to guard and protect the wilderness, McConaughey was available to witness the beginning of the catastrophic bushfires that swept throughout the Australian summer time.

“So we were in Australia last year before COVID, before bushfires, before the droughts and the floods, we were sort of helping to urge people to go, ‘Hey, go explore your outdoors, go explore the wilderness around you’,” McConaughey mentioned.

“And then this year, the bushfires come, the floods come, COVID comes and we said, well, let’s shine a light on some people and let’s say thank you to some people in Australia that really hunkered down and had the conviction to keep their places safe and to stay on the front lines to save (others), whether it was 600 koalas or (holding) down a pub in Batlow. So that’s what we’re doing, we’re reaching out to say thank you.”

McConaughey was significantly impressed by:

• Dana and Sam Mitchell, who rescued over 600 koalas on Kangaroo Island in South Australia;

• Linda and Matthew Rudd, who saved their 100-year-old pub from the bushfires whereas being the lifeline for the city of Batlow in New South Wales;

• Lin Baird, who navigated a tough 12 months to as soon as once more assist Australians reconnect with the wilderness on horseback in Victoria’s Mount Bogong.

“We did surprise them, we called them out of the blue, so all of a sudden, Dana and Sam answer, and I was like, ‘Yep, it’s Matthew McConaughey here on Kangaroo Island with you,’” McConaughey mentioned.

McConaughey and Wild Turkey are donating proceeds from all bottles offered throughout November and December to Nationwide Parks and Wildlife.

“Now, the challenge is how can we get people to go visit those places, to visit the many places we didn’t even get to shine a light on.

“Go there, even your tourism helps them out, just keep them alive and help them regenerate after the bushfires.”

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